Control the power
and motion

Hydman Oy

Hydman Oy focuses on the design and manufacturing of demanding tailor-made hydraulic manifolds and special valves. Our customers include leading manufacturers in the mobile, industrial, offshore, shipbuilding and mining equipment sectors. Our strength lies in our ability to offer customers turnkey service from design and manufacturing to assembly and testing. All done seamlessly under the same roof.

Our way of working is trustworthy and flexible. Efficient 3D-CAD and ERP programs enable fast product development and excellent production management. Our international partner network is an essential part of our operation. Our main customers will be offered 24/7-service when needed. We will be on call, no matter where or when the need for our consultation arises.


Hydman Oy, Ahertajankatu 6, 33720 Tampere, Finland
+358 (0)20 764 1800 |